Okii. My name is Shirlee-Harriet Crow Shoe and my Blackfoot name is Misamiinisikim ‘Ancient Buffalo Stone.’ I am a member of the Apatohsipiikani Nation. I am from two clans: Ni’taiitsskaiksi ‘Long Fighters’ and Aapaitapiksi ‘Bulrushes or Cattails.’ I am a member of the Misamaahkoyinnimaan ‘Longtime Medicine Pipe Bundle.’ I am a member of the Piikani Kanattsomitaiksi ‘Brave Dogs.’ I was raised by my Grandmother, Iikiistanopa ‘All Listen To Woman.’ I am a fluent Blackfoot speaker and have learned to write the Blackfoot language. I have been teaching the Blackfoot Language for over 30 years. I am also a language consultant for the Piikani Nation, the Nitsipowahsin School in Browning, Montana, the University of Missoula’s Department of Linguistics (Mizuki Miyashita), Fort Whoop-Up, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, the Fort Macleod Mental Health Services, and the Crossroad Campus in Fort Macleod. I presently serve on the Bow Valley Aboriginal Council and work in the Livingstone School Division. I have articles at the Smithsonian Museum, the Glenbow Museum, the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles, California, the Denver Museum, and the Virtual Museum online. I am also a member of the Traditional Games Society on the Blackfeet Reservation. I have an acknowledgement in the book, Lanterns of the Prairie edited by Steven Graff. I enjoy learning about being Blackfoot, Niistowa ‘me,’ reading books about Niistowa, surfing the Internet, and developing resources pertaining to our way of life.